Storyteller, Strategist, and Mentor of Heroes


Create the change…

Our relationship with technology will define humanity in the decades and centuries ahead. We need to focus on the connections that make us human so we can make conscious decisions about our evolution. We can use technology to engage with the issues facing our communities, our society, and our world.

I am an advocate for conscious engagement, thoughtful evolution, and strategic change. I would like to help you or your organization bring a new level of insight and awareness to your personal and professional evolution.


Creating Experiences that 'Flow


Four years ago I discovered 'Flow', the state of optimal engagement. Since then I have spoken about Flow, created a new methodology based on Flow, and shifted focus from creating 'simple' experiences to creating experiences that aspire to engage users at the highest level. It's entirely changed the way I see UX. 2016 Rhythm Talk

Read more about the event  here .

Read more about the event here.


Global experiences can be universally engaging.


In the spring of 2016 I circumnavigated the globe and talked to people on 4 continents about life, work, and what creates meaning.  I learned first-hand that the things that set us apart are the very things that prove that we are all the same. It doesn’t matter where you live, what language you speak, or what you do for a living: we are all sharing the human experience.



Every project should have a 'Pulse'


In 2015 I dove head-long into the world of consulting. On my first project I learned that many organizations struggle to find the time, budget, and format to involve critical user feedback in the software design cycle. I led the effort to create a methodology that gives design teams the framework they need to put users at the center of the design process. The package included a pattern of predictable activities, user validation, stakeholder communications, and easy to digest deliverables. 'Pulse' was the result of that effort and it has been used in whole or part on dozens of projects since. View the full presentation.



Grow. Give. Receive. Repeat.


Imagine if you had an invitation to walk down the street and pick your neighbor's apples. Root was one of those ideas that struck like lightning, while walking down the aisle of a cold big-box store. So much food goes to waste every year, rotting in the garden, falling un-eaten from the tree. What if urban and suburban farmers could share their surplus fruit, veggies, and other food stuffs with their neighbors? I've been working on this project for over 4 years. It's been through concept, early design, and user validation with a student team from UW. See the pitch deck here


Intangible Rewards


My most rewarding projects are those where I get to help those who need it most. I am passionate about supporting women and girls in STEM. I've spoken at conferences, done podcasts, participated in panels, and even carted a van full of little girls to hear inspiring women speak. Most important of all I've shown my daughters that girls can be geeks too.