Wells Fargo Advisors - Agile Transformation & Homepage Redesign


Wells Fargo Advisors was undergoing an Agile Transformation and our team was brought in to lead the UX and Design efforts. We collaborated with an internal Wells Fargo UX Design team to define and deliver three different experiences. I was personally responsible for leading the UX research, strategy, and design as well as executing deliverables. I developed a custom user engagement strategy for this project that became the foundation of the 'Pulse Methodology'.  

Google R&D


This project was the largest project I’ve ever been involved with, in terms of scope and impact. Someday it may change one of the most fundamental parts of society.

The goals were broad and included: understanding user comprehension of the concept and prioritizing potential features.


Working with Paul Elrif of Caelus, we collaborated to create a survey design and testing approach that would work at large scale using conjoint analysis and decision modeling to identify results. I wrote the script, scheduled and conducted user interviews and coordinated participant compensation. I was also responsible for development of final deliverables. 

Microsoft Game Studios Co-discovery Study


I had the opportunity to work with Microsoft Game Studios on a project designed to use an expert player in a teaching scenario as a model for in-game tutorial. Our goal was identify behaviors, actions, and techniques that could inform future design. See the findings presentation here.


Even gamers are good at reading body language and social cues. A friend can tell when you are frustrated, stuck, or feeling accomplished and they can give you the feedback you need and want. Learning and enjoyment of a new game are tied to feedback, support, and reinforcement. Tutorials and games need to respond like a friend. If the game makes you feel good about your skills, abilities, and progress… you will enjoy the experience and want play again.


Results Presented at E3 2014


Team Members

C. Ashby Fiser, Laurel Stone, Matt Soave, and Anna DeWitt